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David Lloyd Leisure achieves 50% drop in support calls with CORETX Service Desk

David Lloyd Leisure Group operates 80 health clubs in the UK and a further 10 sites across Europe, including clubs in Holland, Barcelona, Brussels and Dublin. The group was formed in 2007 following the acquisition of David Lloyd Leisure Ltd by London and Regional Properties, owners of Next Generation Clubs.


Shortly after the merger, the Group IT Services Manager, James Ridge, opened up a tender for the entire organisation’s service desk management, as their existing provider did not have the capabilities needed for their new requirements, nor the capacity to accommodate further growth. This meant large scale support, 24/7 and global support with that support in each local language.


CORETX, who were already supporting the European clubs, won the tender and James said the CORETX bid was successful because: “CORETX are commercially strong, we had experience with them and knew they had a strong technical team and a professional approach.”

CORETX quickly identified some solutions for David Lloyd Leisure:

•               Service desk for David Lloyd’s 90 sites in the UK and Europe;

•               All change control administration management;

•               All hardware and printer support; and

•               Technical project consultancy

James had confidence in how the service would be run from the beginning and when transferring all of the company’s sites to the new service everything went very smoothly, he said:

The migration could have been fraught with issues but with CORETX it was seamless.


Since the contract has been in place, James said the benefits have been numerous, including significant reduction in the company’s staff management requirements, due to lower internal resource requirements to deliver a constant service. David Lloyd Leisure is far from a nine-to-five business, their clubs open early and close late seven days a week and to manage the level of support that the group receives from CORETX would mean having employees on call out of core hours, meaning the CORETX service is a much more cost-effective solution.

CORETX addresses issues before they hit our desktops so our support calls have declined steadily.

 This steady decline has seen the number of calls, which were averaging 1,000 per month at the start of the contract, drop by between 40 and 50 percent, which not only increases productivity but also lowers support costs.

The fact that CORETX has partners in international locations who can provide a service desk in the local language has also been a value-add to the contract. David Lloyd Leisure staff working in Barcelona and the Benelux regions felt that it would be more helpful if they could have a service desk in their local languages and CORETX was able to deliver on that request. James is confident that if they were to open further health clubs in other countries that CORETX would be able to extend this service to whatever location they chose.

Team members in many of the group’s clubs have also given excellent feedback on how their support calls have been handled and James added:

To get compliments on IT is a rare thing, so CORETX are getting it right.

Continual Support

James cites CORETXs’ good management structure as being key to the quick response to issues and said:

Our service delivery manager is always on the ball, he takes any issues we have away to address them and always resolves them well.

Internally, David Lloyd Leisure benchmarks the service CORETX is delivering on a monthly basis, and James confirmed that apart from the first couple of months of the contract when the service was being embedded, CORETX exceed what is required every month.

I am very happy with the service and wouldn’t hesitate to give a reference to anyone considering using CORETX for their service desk.


  • Fewer resources required for 24/7 service
  • Cost-effective support (50% drop of incoming calls)
  • International support in local language
  • Seamless migration
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