VoIP is a popular way to make free, or low cost telephone calls over the internet, anywhere in the world to any phone. Hosted VoIP from CORETX provides a business grade solution that helps you avoid the excessive tolls charged by ordinary telephone service providers and experience many free extras such as voicemail, voicemail to email, holding music, call diverts and more.

CORETX provides either an outsourced (fully-managed) or self-managed network based VoIP service. This is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to an IP PBX, replacing traditional LAN IP PBX or analogue phone systems.

Hosted services offer a number of significant advantages that are not rooted simply in cost. The most important benefits to consider are:

  • Improved service performance for your employees
  • We invest heavily in network connectivity, ensuring that all of your business premises benefit from robust and well managed connections
  • Call quality and high levels of service availability
  • Increased productivity.
  • Hosted services are generally easier for your employees to use, offer more features and have management report facilities in built
  • Increased agility.
  • Hosted VoIP services are simpler to move, change and scale up or down.

CORETX hosted VoIP services are delivered using world-class equipment on secure networks with built in resilience and business continuity. Replicating an IP PBX environment of a similar integrity would be costly and highly complex. You will benefit from:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). A hosted VoIP service is often a lower cost solution than an onsite IP PBX
  • Lower costs if your premises are geographically diverse
  • Improved support to mobile and remote end-users
  • A boost to your business performance
  • No on-site equipment needed
  • Cheaper rental and call costs
  • Greater transparency, with per second billing and no set up charges
  • Assistance with fraud management
  • Disaster recovery protection
  • Guaranteed uptime and reliability
  • Access to skilled engineers
  • Training and 24/7 support.