"We are thrilled to join the CORETX Partner Network; with CORETX's Colocation and Connectivity we have a secure and reliable foundation for Indigo's Cloud. Using a range of well-connected data centres means that we have locality, availability and carrier-grade connectivity built into our solutions. Recent change in both the NHS and education marketplaces has seen a significant uptake in Indigo's Cloud and Communications services with the local data centre giving our customers the confidence they need to start their journey to the Cloud.


"CORETX's Technical Account Management team are fantastic, the process means I can report directly to someone who I am confident knows my requirements and can help swiftly. The Technical Account Manager is immensely helpful for proactive plans and how to mitigate impact from network upgrades where possible, keeping our connectivity and streaming services from CORETX seamless."


"I instantly found CORETX to be an endearing company rather than being an arrogant corporate entity. I thought CORETX came across with good down to earth and honest values and seems like the sort of firm that is basically keen on doing a good job for its customers. Which, in this day and age of "rip-off" Britain, is something worth applauding."


"Working with CORETX has been a real pleasure. In particular I have been consistently impressed with your level of responsiveness and the manner in which CORETX has always rallied at short notice to address any queries or resolve problems. The entire CORETX team has always treated us patiently with respect and politeness and have been enjoyable to work with. Claire, our account manager has often gone beyond the call of duty to ensure that Mouchel has experienced a seamless service while the technical teams have never hesitated to respond intelligently."


"The CORETX support team have been invaluable with their knowledge, patience and persistence. A recent project has included working with a US based 3rd party which has required working late into the evening at no trouble to CORETX - however, the great service from CORETX extends beyond one project; the exceptional service when migrating our servers into the Bournemouth data centre went above and beyond.


"Thank you CORETX, your support team staff are faster than a speeding bullet."


"I've always found that the CORETX support has been very helpful, fast and efficient in working towards a solution."

The Hill Consultancy

"I have used CORETX for several years and could not be happier with the responsive service I have received. The multiple VMware IaaS services along with the Connectivity service has enabled me to run the CRM for my website and voice platform seamlessly. A special thanks to the support team at CORETX who have provided outstanding levels of expertise and guidance at all hours."


"CORETX's breadth of service offerings, highly supportive attitude, and commitment to customer support impressed us straight away. We had no hesitation in adopting CORETX as our cloud provider, confident they could deliver what we needed in terms of high-speed connectivity and a Virtual Data Centre offering. End user experience and feedback has been extremely positive as a result."