"Openwave Messaging is a leading provider or carrier grade email, Openwave is required to support 99.999% uptime email operations for major Carriers across the globe, any outage is critical and has immediate customer impact. In 2013 OW selected CORETX data centres based on their reliability, geo diversity, cost effectiveness and also for the ease of doing business with them. CORETX was critical to the success of our UK operations and proved themselves worthy of our trust by maintaining our target uptime over the 2013-2015 period for our application.


"I'm delighted CORETX have continued to build upon their already extensive portfolio of services at Volta, offering our customers direct connectivity to Amazon Web Services via their SP Connect service. At a time where test, development and pre-production environments can be spun up with ease, CORETX are enabling customers to take advantage of both Volta's "Power by the Hour" utility usage model, and AWS' scalable compute, storage and database services."


"Great account management, wonderfully reliable service. We like that CORETX are constantly innovating and bringing new services, always open to new ideas and not pushy about selling every service they offer. We get to know their team members at all levels of the organisation and feel like they are committed to our success, care who we are and take pride in
good service."