Availability of information has a direct effect on the quality of decisions made by businesses regarding current and future network plans. Restricted visibility of data can result in poor performance, a lack of control and creates potential exposure.

CORETX's call analysis tool, CallWatch Interactive, delivers a depth of information previously unavailable, enabling you to 'drilldown' into details such as individual extensions and numbers dialled. The platform can be used to interrogate data in numerous ways, showing a general overview, trend summaries, or the details of individual calls. The reports can then be exported, sorted, filtered or printed as required.

CallWatch Interactive analyses all inbound and outbound calls, providing a centralised alternative to a traditional call logger. This information gives you detailed call analysis of telephone lines, call patterns and visibility of call anomalies, e.g. out of hours calls.

CallWatch Interactive is available online 24/7/365, enabling you to access a range of predetermined reports, or create bespoke reports, to get the information you require without having to sift through huge quantities of data. Using the ProClarity powered front end you can extract detailed data on voice activity from our multi-dimensional SQL billing database.